Make Virtual Contract Collaboration Painless

With legal teams now working from home, communication and efficiency have become obvious challenges. This is especially true for contract management. Just finding the most up-to-date contract template can be a challenge, let alone pushing it through negotiation and approvals. Before the pandemic, some legal teams were able to get by with emails and spreadsheets, but today that challenge has become too much to manage. Fortunately, there are ways to easily manage this in a remote environment that will limit risk and save you significant time.  

On July 15th at 11:00AM PDT, join corporate law consultant Ellen Nendorf, JD, of LPM Executive for a brief fifteen-minute discussion on how automated CLM can eliminate confusion, inefficiency, and needless communication in the contract lifecycle when all of your colleagues are working remotely.

Ellen will host a live Q and A will following the presentation.


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