How CLM and eProcurement Work Together to Build Public Sector Infrastructure

State and local governments were recently awarded $350 billion in stimulus funding, with a $304 billion infrastructure “roads” bill currently on the table. In addition, diversity and inclusion programs are top priorities at public sector organizations across the country. Government procurement is at the forefront of all these initiatives. 

Join us on June 2nd at 11AM PDT for a 20-minute webinar discussing how Periscope Holdings’ eProcurement technology works with Agiloft contract lifecycle management (CLM) to transform public sector procurement. Brittany Parker, Vice President of Sales at Periscope Holdings, and MaryJane Skjellerup, Reseller Partner Manager at Agiloft, will explain how the public sector is utilizing today’s leading procurement technology to compliantly spend stimulus dollars, purchase goods and services to improve infrastructure and roads, and enable supplier diversity. 

A short Q&A will follow the discussion.


This webinar has concluded. Watch the replay below:


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