Training: How to Use the New Agiloft Interface

Agiloft’s 2021 Spring Release is all about using design to make it easier to work in Agiloft, and the main component of that is a major update to the Agiloft user interface.

Join us on April 7th at 11 AM PDT for a training on the new Agiloft user interface and enhanced global search functionality to help you search, view, and navigate the Agiloft platform faster than ever. During this 30-minute training, Agiloft product manager Pascale Laviolette will provide a hands-on tour of the new interface and search. In this training you will learn:

  • How to quickly navigate tables arranged in horizontal tabs, view table groupings by use case, and customize your table display.
  • How to combine the breadth of a global search with targeted table-specific search to find the information you need quickly.
  • How to use our new filtering functionality, including creating and modifying filters for you and your teams.
  • How to identify contracts with key themes such as deal value, risk score, or governing law. 
  • How to capture all relevant results in your documents using our powerful legal synonyms search capability.

Pascale will host a Q&A following the training session.


This webinar has concluded. Please watch the replay below:


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