What to Expect from Legal Tech in 2022 with LexFusion

Casey Flaherty

Chief Strategy Officer,


Danielle Haugland

Global Alliance Director, Agiloft

Alicia Kropelnicki

Technology Partner Manager, Agiloft

We begin 2022 at a pivotal moment for legal teams. On one hand, the corporate world continues to churn through its accelerating state of change, demanding too much from legal. On the other hand, there has never been more interest in changing the status quo. That includes investing in legal technology and process innovation. As legal technology continues to mature in 2022, what does that mean for lawyers and legal professionals on the ground?

Join us for a half-hour webinar on what to expect from legal tech in 2022, how to take advantage of the appetite for innovation, and how you can better prepare for the unexpected during the next year.

Join us for this legal tech discussion with:

  • Casey Flaherty, Chief Strategy Officer, LexFusion
  • Danielle Haugland, Global Alliance Director, Agiloft
  • Alicia Kropelnicki, Technology Partner Manager, Agiloft

A short Q&A will follow the discussion.


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