Implementing Enterprise CLM to Create an Efficient & Effective Legal Department

September 30th, 9:00AM PDT

Ellen Nendorf

JD, founder of LPM Executive


Join us on Thursday, September 30th at 9AM PDT as we discuss implementation best practices designed to make contract lifecycle management more efficient and effective across the business enterprise. Ellen Nendorf, JD, Founder of LPM Executive, will share how to prepare for implementation before it even starts, the critical resources you need to support CLM both during and post-implementation, and the core features you should consider to deliver the most value for legal. This one-hour webinar will cover:

  • Preparation & Planning for Implementation - The project doesn’t begin when formal implementation begins. There is a lot of groundwork that can be laid prior to vendor selection and implementation kick-off that will set you up for a more successful (and shorter) implementation.
  • Critical Resources for Implementation & Beyond - For each of these roles, identifying the time commitment and expected role/responsibilities of each, both during implementation and long-term product use and support post-implementation. This also includes general education of and expectation setting for all stakeholders.
  • Key Features to Drive Immediate Value - Depending on your objective, the feature most important to you may vary, but these highlight core CLM functionality you should expect out of a CLM vendor to help you move from early stages of use to more advanced CLM down the road.

A short Q&A will follow the presentation.


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