Elevate Contracts and Empower Your Legal Team with Agiloft CLM

October 20th, 9:00AM PDT

Austin Laurent

Solution Engineer,


For centuries, contracts have been used as a shield to protect businesses. But now, with automated contract management and scores of contract data, intelligent legal teams have begun to utilize data to elevate contracts to serve as the relationship DNA that informs all business decisions. This enables more efficient legal operations and provides valuable business insights─leading to better deals and more revenue

Join us for a one-hour webinar on October 20th at 9AM PDT with Austin Laurent, Solution Engineer at Agiloft. Austin will discuss how to use contract lifecycle management (CLM) to elevate contracts and utilize contract data and automation to empower your legal team with an effective and secure system. During this webinar Austin will demonstrate: 

  • How flexible Agiloft CLM enables efficient legal operations while drastically lowering compliance risk
  • How Agiloft’s adaptable no-code platform can be rapidly deployed to fit your most complex processes
  • How to position your contracts as the core system of commercial record, extending the solution to sales, procurement, or other departments to maximize contract value
  • How to leverage AI to improve contract management for legal departments, include data extraction, risk scoring, and clause analysis in Microsoft Word with the Agiloft Contract Assistant

A short Q&A will follow the presentation.


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