Control your Contracting: Establish Management Controls

December 2nd, 9:00AM PST

Prashant Dubey

VP of Contracts Solutions & Disability Inclusion, Elevate



Danielle Haugland

Global Alliance Director, Agiloft


With a complex web of people, process and technology, contract management can sometimes feel like a system that’s impervious to change. So how do you put more management controls on your contracting to add efficiency, reduce risk, and yield more value for your organization? Taking an honest look at your current state is a great place to start, and a high integrity contract repository provides the foundation for real improvement. But that’s just the beginning.

If gaining better control of your contracting is one of your 2022 resolutions, then please join us for a one-hour webinar on Thursday, December 2 at 9AM PST with Prashant Dubey, VP of Contracts Solutions & Disability Inclusion at Elevate, and Danielle Haugland, Global Alliance Director at Agiloft. The panelists will discuss how you can put more management processes on your contracting, including:

  1. Why a dynamic contract repository is foundational to establishing a single source of truth and taking charge of contracts
  2. How to create efficiency and lower variability (and therefore risk) in contracting - standardize and harmonize the templates you use for contracting
  3. How to create a functional playbook for contracts so that the place you end up during negotiation is within your risk threshold

A short Q&A will follow the briefing.


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