Automate and Collaborate with the Agiloft Contract Assistant for Microsoft Word

December 8th, 9:00AM PST

Pascale Laviolette

Product Manager,

Nick Bieter

Sr. Product Manager,


For legal teams, establishing standard clause language is a foundational step towards reducing risk and friction in contracting. A digital contract repository powered with a dynamic clause library helps further streamline contract lifecycle management (CLM). But what if you could build and manage that clause library directly within Microsoft Word?

Join us on December 8 at 9AM PST for a one-hour product briefing with Nick Bieter, senior product manager at Agiloft, and Pascale Laviolette, product manager at Agiloft, to learn how to automate and collaborate using the Agiloft Contract Assistant for Microsoft Word. In this briefing you will learn:

  • How you can build an entire clause library of standard and fallback clauses without leaving Microsoft Word
  • How to save clauses in the clause library while reviewing a document in Word, using either internal documents or third-party paper
  • How to tag key terms and clauses in documents using Agiloft’s AI Core, instantly digitizing their content and making it reportable
  • How to negotiate smarter by comparing language to benchmarks in your clause library, and other previously-negotiated clauses
  • How to create new automated document templates using standard clauses to eliminate risk, reduce turnaround time, and improve negotiations
  • The power of Agiloft’s flexible business rules engine and how Agiloft CLM can empower the most complex legal review and approval workflows

A short Q&A will follow the briefing.


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