DATE: FEBRUARY 23rd, 2023
TIME: 16.30 – 17.45 London UK

Agiloft, a leader in contract lifecycle management (CLM), invites you to network with your peers, and experience a cheese and wine tasting with Paul Hartley - a Michelin star trained chef and wine expert James Gillepsie.

It all Starts with Wine and Cheese
At this event, Craig Conte, the lead partner for Legal Operations at Deloitte, will be joined by the Agiloft event host Jim Leason, Managing Director for EMEA. The pair will share insights on what top legal operations pros are doing to harness the information CLM puts at their fingertips, enhancing the performance of their contract management and playing an increasingly influential role in their corporations.

About this Event

Join Agiloft as we dive into the world of artisan wine and cheeses. Michelin Star Chef - Paul Hartley will speak about the rich history of cheese dating back thousands of years. In this fascinating cheese-tasting session, Chef Hartley will discuss British cheese and teach guests about sourcing the best UK cheeses. In addition, he will talk about how to taste them correctly- the tasting map on your tongue and a little science, including the olfactory nerve, which links memory to smell. We will include blue cheese, cheddar, soft cheese, and goat's cheese. Chutneys, dried fruits, dates, apricots, olives, and sourdough crackers will accompany these.


After each cheese tasting, our wine expert James Gillepsie, the UK's winning wine hero, will marry up the cheeses with wine. He will include wines with numerous international accolades, which will challenge even the most discerning palettes. He will touch on regions, old and new world wines, grapes, and varieties. Our wine expert will discuss each wine with the guests with some information on the vineyard and wine producers of the four wines showcased.


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