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Legal Ops without Boundaries. CLM without Limits. Success without Compromise.

Going beyond the boundaries of the legal department to deliver strategic business value – greater visibility into risk, improved customer experience, and higher revenue – requires a CLM that pushes past the limits of legal tech.

As a market leading enterprise platform, Agiloft delivers:

•    A flexible, no-code CLM customizable with just clicks, not code
•    Workflows that are easy to build, maintain, change, and extend into adjacent processes 
•    Integrations with the broadest data and workflow connections
•    AI-powered search that enables users to “talk to contracts”
•    User-friendly AI customization for surfacing contract details unique to your organization

To learn how we've been supporting the wild success of our customers for over 20 years, stop by Booth #300 at the CLOC Global Institute or fill out the form below.  

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Breakout Session
How to Build a Masterpiece and Not a Monster

Wednesday 5/17, 11:40AM – 12:10PM

In the rush to provide value (because you needed a CLM yesterday) and with so many options on the market, how can you deliver a  successful implementation?

Learn from Donovan’s extensive experience at Intel, and how he applied lessons-learned when implementing Agiloft - keeping long-term business goals in mind, solving for today’s needs, and building in the flexibility to meet tomorrow’s unseen challenges.

Break Boundaries, Push Limits, Seize Success
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