Beyond Legal: How CLM Software Brings Value to the Entire Organization

Contracts have long been the domain of legal teams, but their effects are felt throughout the organization. Simultaneously, many organizations struggle with siloed and inefficient contract processes that weigh down commerce. Fortunately, contract lifecycle management (CLM) has helped to mitigate these issues and generate more value in contract processes.

Join us on July 28th at 11AM PDT for a 30-minute webinar with Marc Doucette, CEO of Koho Software, and Danielle Haugland, Global Alliance Director at Agiloft, to discuss how the value of CLM reaches far beyond legal teams. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why modern CLM is really enterprise software, not just legal software
  • Best practices for deploying agile CLM across the enterprise, using legal teams as a starting point
  • How a connected contract management experience generates value and reduces risk across the enterprise

A short Q&A will follow the presentation.


This webinar has concluded. Please watch the replay below:


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