Empowering the Modern Enterprise with Agiloft CLM and AWS Marketplace

Juston Salcido

Sr. Technical Business Development,
Amazon Web Services

David Johnson

Head of Business Development US-Central,
AWS Marketplace

Alicia Kropelnicki

Technology Partner Manager,

Empowering the Modern Enterprise with Agiloft CLM and AWS Marketplace

As the pace of business accelerates, more and more enterprises are looking for innovative ways to keep up. Whether it’s using agile contract management software, team collaboration applications, or business intelligence tools, enterprises need a way to quickly find the right software and use it to automate and collaborate on key processes across the business. With Agiloft CLM now available on AWS Marketplace, businesses can automate contract management and utilize valuable contract data faster than ever before.

Join us for a 30-minute webinar discussing this topic with Juston Salcido, Sr. Technical Business Development at Amazon Web Services (AWS); David Johnson, Head of Business Development US-Central at AWS Marketplace; Alicia Kropelnicki, Technology Partner Manager at Agiloft. In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why Agiloft contract lifecycle management (CLM) software on AWS Marketplace delivers a transformative, cloud-based solution for contracts and other key processes that seamlessly integrate with your entire enterprise software stack
  • How AWS Marketplace can help you speed up your software procurement process and accelerate time to purchase
  • How additional tools and applications on AWS Marketplace can sync data with Agiloft CLM to connect adjacent departments and functions 
  • How to shorten time to value with CLM and other tools that can quickly scale using the AWS global network

A short Q&A follows the discussion.


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