Constantly searching for contracts and the details buried within them? Wish you could just have a conversation with your contracts to quickly get what you’re looking for? Now you can, thanks to ConvoAI 

ConvoAI ushers in new era of usability to the contract lifecycle management industry, empowering ALL users to have an interactive conversation with their contracts. Users can now ask questions in natural language to easily and intuitively find contract details – without worrying about keywords or filters. In partnership with Cognizer AI and leveraging Cognizer’s Genius™ contract intelligence platform, Agiloft’s ConvoAI is designed to deliver the most advanced natural language information discovery experience in the CLM market.    

To learn more about the Agiloft 2023 Winter Release Webinar that took place on Tuesday, February 21 with Andy Wishart, Agiloft Chief Product Officer, and Jamie Krumrich, Agiloft Director of Product Management, please click the link below. In this 45-minute webinar, Wishart and Krumrich demonstrate ConvoAI in-action and showcase how this search tool leaps over the often cumbersome and frustrating search tools in the contract lifecycle management market today. 

This webinar has concluded. Please view the replay here: